Roadblocks to Revival: Preferences Portrayed As Doctrine

James Hudson Taylor was an awesome missionary who did an incredible work in China. However, he received a great deal of criticism when he returned home for a visit. Why is that? Because he had on the clothing of a Chinese man; he had grown his hair in a pigtail, and had become “all things to all men that he might by all means save some.” Did he become ungodly? Nope. Taylor adjusted a superficial aspect of his looks to overcome a profound stumbling-block.

J Hudson Taylor - Chinese

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I sense many of todays Christians would have been among those Englishmen who condemned him for his choice of clothing and hairstyle. These Christians would utilize a poorly-defined term “worldly,” which apparently means “unlike myself.” Don’t be too dogmatic on issues of preference; or, just like the Pharisees, you will be guilty of teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. That practice smells of worldliness, of carnality, of arrogance; and it is a Roadblock to Revival. 

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