Should We “Trunk or Treat?”

I grew up in very conservative Christian circles. I love my friends and mentors! I believe they already know, however, that I do not always come to the same conclusions that they do. When I was a lad, my parents allowed us to celebrate Halloween… with some provisos. Our costumes were Disney characters, and we did not use satanic or deathly decor. We only celebrated Halloween for a short time before my parents decided it was too close to celebrating death, and discontinued that holiday.

Many conservative Christians use Halloween as an opportunity to reach people for Jesus, despite the fact that many people use the holiday to celebrate darkness. Some people stay at home with candy for visiting children, and will give Gospel Tracts at the same time! Some churches organize a “Trunk or Treat,” where the children dress up (having been encouraged to wear innocuous costumes) and enjoy candy in a controlled church environment. Other Christians bar their doors and sing hymns while the devil-children knock on their doors and fork their yards. The question I have is “Are there any good reasons to have a ‘Trunk or Treat,’ or does God say it is compromising with the world?”

I can think of a few good reasons.

  1. Every day is God’s day

Satan has no right to claim any day of the year for his own. Whether it’s December 25th, April 21th, October 31st, or any other day of the year; Christians should make much of Christ.

  1. Get children off the streets

Every year there are stories of children and even adults getting harmed in one way or another. People use the excuse of it being the “Devil’s day” to do wickedly. From poisoned candy, beatings, murders, robberies, Satanic rituals, abductions- even accidents from people walking across the road in the dark; Halloween is a terrible time to send children out to speak to strangers. Bring them to church instead! Show them that Christians can have more fun than the world any day of the year.

  1. Open hearts to the Gospel, and to the ministry of the church.

Get the kids to the church, minister to them, communicate your care for them, love on them, and the Gospel will have a chance to take root; even on October 31st! The parents will recognize your heart for their kids and will probably love you back. By doing a special event on Halloween, you can help reach your entire community.

There are folks that think you need to clam up on Halloween… if you can’t bring yourself to minister on that day, that is your decision. However, I believe you will be missing out on God taking something evil and turning it to good.


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