Foreword for “Faith Unfeigned.”

Thank you for visiting Faith Unfeigned! My name is James Livermore. God wants you to understand Him, that’s why He wrote the Bible. I think you agree with me, that a faith that answers questions is a faith that can be trusted. On Faith Unfeigned, we explore foundational concepts from the Bible; answering questions from God’s perspective, addressing relevant current events, and filling gaps to our understanding of the spiritual world around us. You can sign up via E-mail to receive updates about new material, or follow on Facebook, Twitter and most other media platforms. Check back regularly for new articles designed to help you know God better!

I believe God approves of your efforts to know Him. Let’s begin the journey into a more informed and trustworthy faith.

James Livermore

One thought on “Foreword for “Faith Unfeigned.”

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  1. We are living in an era of error and misconception of God’s word, This is absolutely good work I pray that many will benefit out of this noble work welcome to Kenya.


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