Legal Murder

On March 1st, 1932; the one-year old son of the famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh, was abducted from his home, and held for ransom. 

The nation rallied behind the family; President Herbert Hoover personally addressed the abduction stating that he would “Move heaven and earth” to find the child.

When they were searching for their baby, the well-known mob-boss, Al Capone, contacted the Lindbergh’s and offered to use his connections to help find the little boy. When asked why someone of his infamous reputation would care about this baby, it is reported that he responded: “There are a lot of things that I may or may not have done, but I would never hurt a kid.”  

To the heartbreak of the nation, the child was found two-months later. The child had been killed by a crushing blow to the head, and was partially dismembered before being discarded. The criminal was eventually caught and put to death by the electric chair. This tragedy initiated the passing of the “Lindbergh Law,” making child-abduction a crime punishable by death. 

The most heinous crimes possible are against innocent children. It is known that child-abusers are despised even in prison. Even those who are considered “hardened” criminals hate child-abusers. But somewhere in our history, we lost sight how precious children are; about how helpless and needy they are. We lost sight of our responsibility to nurture and protect them, from conception on.

I don’t believe the issue truly is “Are children who have not yet breathed oxygen actually alive?” or “Are they considered ‘people’ before they are ‘viable’ to live ‘unassisted?” These two questions are obnoxiously obvious. Only someone who is intentionally stupid can think these questions are legitimate. 

May I introduce a foreign concept? Here it is: Common Sense.

My wife can attest that her unborn children get startled by sudden noises, and calmed by soft speech. Our newborn babies are calmed to be near the sound of their mother’s heartbeat, because they are conscious of the sound while in the womb. 

I have heard the heartbeat of my 6 week, unborn daughter. I have witnessed with my own eyes, a foot push against the inside of her mother’s abdomen. As I held her little newborn heel, I recognized the familiar shape with wonder in my heart and tears in my eyes.

Via ultrasound, I have seen my unborn son (at 16 weeks) reach up and feel his face, suck his thumb, and then poke himself in the eye, expressing obvious surprise and pain. (He is just as clumsy to this day.)

While in the womb my son had his own heartbeat, his own DNA, a separate blood supply, the ability to move about independently of his mother, facial expressions, the ability to express emotion and pain, and the ability to interact with the outside world; but according to abortionists, my son was not a person until he used his lungs?! Foolish! Moronic! Stupid! Nonsensical! Apparently we are complete idiots, to be fooled by murderers who profess to be “doctors.” We don’t just give our children to these murderers, we pay them to kill our babies. Wickedness… 

I weep…

…For 58 million babies in the United States, that have been betrayed by their parents; murdered by the greedy abortion business. 

I weep…

…For those whose innocent blood was spilled, whose tiny hands grasped the forceps that, in a few short moments, would crush their beautiful heads.

I weep…

…For those with little faces contorted with pain, who open their mouths in a silent scream as their limbs were torn away. 

I weep…

…To think that the place of safe refuge has become their torture chamber; whose frail and helpless bodies are cast into landfills, or sold to fatten the bank accounts of their murderers.

I weep… 

… For the victim of a failed abortion, dropped roughly into a plastic bucket, or thrown mercilessly into a dumpster, or placed on a cold table in a dark room, weeping with loneliness, shivering in their mother’s blood, with only the slow, cruel death of neglect to embrace them.

I weep… 

…For the gentle babies, burned by chemicals, injected with saline, killed slowly and horribly, simply because nobody loved them. No one heard their cries. 

No one, except God.

I weep.  

Who will speak for those who cannot? Who will stand for the innocent?

By God’s grace, I will. 

I contend that this country must cease the legalized murder of innocents, outlaw the practice, and punish those who continue to exercise it.

Psalm 106:38 “And shed innocent blood, even the blood of their sons and of their daughters, whom they sacrificed unto the idols of Canaan: and the land was polluted with blood.”


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  1. I am crying just reading this. It needs to be said and shared. Action needs to be taken. Thank you for stating truth.


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