Important Info: Pray and Fast for 24 hours!!

Our nation needs God’s help.

On many fronts, we are in a crisis. Many people have died, and are going to die because of this virus; we need to do something about it. 

One time, a father brought his son to Jesus. The boy was possessed by a demon, and nobody could help him. Even the disciples were powerless!

The man said “Lord, if you can do ANYTHING, please help my son… I brought him to your disciples, but they could not help him.” Jesus became very frustrated with his disciples, and told the crowd “This kind of problem can only be solved by prayer and fasting.”

I guarantee we fit that narrative in many ways. We can handle small problems every day, and we THINK we are doing it without help; but when we see that the world is in terrible trouble, we need a world-changing solution.

We need God’s help, let’s ask for it.

Starting tonight (April 3) at 7pm a bunch of us are going to do 24-hours of fasting and prayer. We are going to avoid food, TV, unnecessary cell-phone-fiddling, and anything else that usually steals our attention.

In lieu of those things, we are going to include a lot more prayer and Bible reading. If you’re still working, and don’t have lots of time during the day, take your breakfast time, lunch time, and dinner time, and just talk to your Father. You’ll be surprised how easy it is once you start.

Here are some topics to pray for: 

1. Our country’s health, which includes those those who are in great danger if they contract it, and those who have already contracted it and need healing before it’s too late for them. Pray for Doctors and scientists working to end it, those who are ministering to the sick. Pray for those who are struggling economically or with emotional instability as a result of their isolation.

2. Our country’s spiritual need. Singular. That is, the Savior. The people of our nation need to become aware of how much danger they are in, and that there is a solution to their spiritual emptiness and fear of what is to come after death.

3. Our churches, that we would take the work of God more seriously, and not go on autopilot the minute we return to meeting together. In other words, ask God for revival for our ministries.

4. Talk to Jesus about the next step in OUR personal journey with Him. What does He want us to do today? What does He want us to start/stop/continue but with more urgency? We need a personal Savior, not just a corporate God.

5. Expand your prayer to include the rest of the world too.

Here’re some Bible reading suggestions: Try John and Acts, these some of the easiest places to see the Lord, and to see what happens when His people get serious about praying. Read it out loud, you’ll get hooked.

I suggest you pray till you start to struggle praying, then read a chapter or two. After reading start your prayer list over again. God says He wants you to bug Him! Be like a 3-year-old boy looking for fishy-crackers. You’ll get them! 

If you’re planning to get involved, share this post. We need as many of God’s people on board with this as possible. If you’re late in seeing this, don’t worry! Just jump in and participate.

We need God’s help, so let’s ask for it!

Update: We had a productive day of praying, fasting and studying. I think this was an important day, since I and others made ourselves available to pray while difficult, unforeseen ministry issues were happening around the country. I want to challenge you, no matter the date, get some friends on board and do it! Asking God to intervene is always worth it! 

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