Do Babies Go To Heaven? 

A few months ago I heard a story that, especially as a father of young children, made me very sad. A 2-year-old boy was taken by an alligator while his family was visiting Orlando’s “Disney World.”

According to reports, the father was very near when the beast laid hold on his son, and fought with the creature before losing hold of it. Unbeknownst to the father, mere feet away in the murky waters, the boy was no longer held by the animal, but was underwater, unable to resurface. Despite the fathers frantic attempts to find him, the boy drowned.

I can only imagine the nightmare that the family is going through. I cry for the pain they are experiencing, and I pray for the Lord to help them find peace.

I am not sure how to contact the family, but I hope this post finds its way to them. I have been praying for you, and I hope this post helps you rest.

Your son is not dead. He is in Heaven. I can prove it from the Bible.  

Many people have asked this question: “What happened to my baby when he died?” The answer is simple: he is in Heaven, and you will see him again, if you personally respond to the Gospel for forgiveness from sin.

How do I know this? How can I be sure? The Bible says so.

First, let’s see the Biblical principle, then a Bible story that illustrates the truth.

1. The Bible Principle

Romans 4:15 Because the law worketh wrath: for where no law is, there is no transgression.

Sin is rebellion; it’s rebellion against God. When Adam and Eve were in the garden, who sinned first? Some would say “Eve sinned first,” but they would be mistaken. The Bible says Eve was tricked into it, she was not rejecting the revealed law of God. Adam, on the other hand, knew he was disobeying. When Adam ate the fruit, it was then that they knew they were naked. All sin is basically rebellion against God.

You can’t rebel against something of which you have no concept.

Here is a Biblical principle: God holds us to what we can understand. If we don’t “get it,” he doesn’t expect it. Every healthy adult knows that God exists, whether they have convinced themselves otherwise is another issue. No baby or toddler understands the concept of a divine standard, which God requires of every person if they are to associate with Him. They are not able to decide yet. They are not held to the same standard. “Where no law is, there is no transgression.”

My little boy, 2 and a half years old, doesn’t have any concept of the holiness of God. He doesn’t understand sin, Gods righteousness or judgment on sin. All he knows is that daddy says “no.”  He has no ability to understand or to respond to the forgiveness of God found in the Gospel. He is not held to the same standard as a person that can understand that Heaven cannot be the home of rebellion.

The Bible principle holds consistently true through the Scriptures.  Now a Bible story to illustrate.

2. The Bible Story

In 2 Samuel 12, a tragic story is told of King David committing adultery with Bathsheba, and having her husband killed to cover the incident. From this sin, a child was conceived. When the sin became known, David repented. But the Lord wanted what was best for everyone. It was not best for a royal child to be born from this sin, the nation would be mocked by the rest of the world, and the global influence they had would be greatly lessened. The Lord decided to take the baby home.

David was terribly grieved. He fasted and prayed for the child for seven days, he would not eat, he would not sleep, his heart was torn up that his baby  would die. At the end of seven days, the baby passed.

The servants of David were afraid to inform him, but he guessed the news when he saw them whispering. They confirmed it was so. David then did something that puzzled the servants. David washed, cleaned up, worshipped God, then ate food. They asked “Why don’t you grieve even more now that the baby is gone?” David answered their question with something amazing:

2Samuel 12:22 “And he said, While the child was yet alive, I fasted and wept: for I said, Who can tell whether GOD will be gracious to me, that the child may live? But now he is dead, wherefore should I fast? Can I bring him back again? I shall go to him, but he shall not return to me.”

David understood: “I will go to him, but he will not come back to me.” David knew that the baby was gone, but also knew that he would see the baby again. The baby is in Heaven, and daddy’s coming. 

Death is not the end. We were all created to live eternally. Babies who die go to Heaven; this applies to severely handicapped people, toddlers and preborn babies as well. Death is not the worst thing that can happen to a baby, it’s actually an escape from the horrible world in which they would grow up. There is nothing wrong with weeping. Just don’t mourn like someone who has no hope.

Sir, if you have asked Jesus Christ to save you from your sins, you will see your son again. That murky lagoon was not the end of your precious boy, He is in Heaven right now. When he begins asking where his daddy went, the Lord Jesus will pick him up and tell him: “Daddy’s coming; I will take care of you until then.”

There’s nothing wrong with mourning. Just don’t mourn like someone who has no hope. Your son is alive, safe, and even more jubilant than if he was here.

I hope Gods Word, heart and character have been a comfort to you.


Want to know more about Heaven? Look for a series soon to come entitled “The Real Heaven.” It is guaranteed to  help you look forward to the future! 

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